Graphics Design for Your Business

We offer Outstanding graphics for a reasonable price. Graphic Design Solutions as headers, social media covers, banners, ebook covers, adverts, infographics, price tables etc for all your marketing needs. We also can help you to make your Website.

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Individual Coaching for You

If you're a VIP Member, you also get individual small business coaching. As a free Member, you can contact me for a non-committal offerte. As a Certificate LOA Practitioner and Life Coach, i also see other sides of a business, that guarantees more success.

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Save Your Time. Doe it well.

Having a business without Traffic is spilling money and time. No Visitors = No Buyers = Zero Earnings. A good business must build up, but don't think they just come by. You have to become visible to let them see how worthfull your business is.

Get Traffic - Become Visible

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Go to my Courses Site for all you need to know about Traffic solutions, kindle publishing, pod casting, social media, affiliate succes, speaking in publiek, making  amazone review site, SEO, making your own e-book covers, etc. 

Britta Nijhuis Small Business Education

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Learn about content creation, getting likes and comments, how to get good and big traffic, how to find your own niche, how to find your passionate goal,
how to build a list, how to sell your product, how to become an authority in your market, how to find clients, how to find buyers, necessary tools,
making online or offline promotions, affiliate marketing, funnel building, optin pages, thank you pages, how to stay motivated,
all about social media, making media to sell offline, getting attention by having the right presentations on the web, get small business coaching, etc.


22 free video lessons to start and work with wordpress

Free Lessons: Building WordPress Site

Free Step by Step Video Instructions
about starting with a WordPress Site

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free web graphics for personal use

Free Graphics: Free for personal use only

Free graphics for your webpage
Download what you like, have fun.

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2 free mp3 lessons about contantcreation

Free Lessons: Creating daily content

2 Free audios about the importance of content,
how to create content and why

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Starting your business with zero knowledge is not easy

Get information and if you want, our help by choosing and finding  your Passion, by selling your own creations or products, becoming a Coach or an Affiliate for products of others. Find out how to do that at the best ways. Get traffic and knowledge about the 'how to do it' and become aware of the best ways, that lead you to your Success and Fulfillment. If you need individueel small business coaching, please contact me. 

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A Practical Guide to Start Your Business online

Maybe you already know what your business will be, but maybe you just want to start earning money and you have no idea about the how and what.

To help you to orient, we offer you a free Ebook, that tells a lot about how to start, how to make money online and how to go further.

What will you find here and How will it help you

As i said you will find here information, tools and tips. I will learn you with blog posts in the Free Area, how to start, making a Wordpress site, getting traffic, building a list, using free and paid graphics and i show you all interesting ways to get big in a lot of ways. I tell you where to start, how to go further and further and further. Also i will give you tools that make things easier and a lot off tips off great importance, you never would know, without me.

Britta Nijhuis Small Business Education

In this Course Site, you learn from me and some big masters of marketing and some very great Coaches, what you need to know to become not only big, but also famous and rich. You will find in the members section Video lessons, Audio lessons, E-books and Expert blog posts. Also you can get sometimes free individual small business coaching by me. 

And join our Facebook Group for individueel help and information

Where you can show your business and talk with other members about everything you want to know, learn and become. In this group we will have some experienced and senior members, that can help you as individual with al your questions and at this way you can build confidence about your business.  

Random Testimonial

Raymond Lopez Britta nijhuis is my coach and a great coach. Britta is the best coach I have ever met she cares about your success. She will never give up on you. I believe with all my heart this is her purpose in life is to help others succeed in whatever they want to accomplish in life. […]

Raymond Lopez

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