facebook likes

1000 Facebook Likes

Social media as facebook is very important to get good customers.

At this moment i doe not much to get likes or to let this page found.  I even don’t tag this early posts. I don’t even  care of SEO now at this point. Why would that be ? Because i want good costumers, not only quick  a lot of likes. You can get a lot of visitors and facebook likes quick, but this likes are not important. You even can buy likes, they also are worthless.

You only want likes and visitors, that are interestested in your products, not the one’s that come and go.

47 vind-ik-leuks 2 deze week
25 berichtbereik deze week

You see, i only have 47 likes until now, but i also have 25 people hoe are interested in my work. Facebook often blocks some posts, because they want you to invest in payed likes. The payed likes you get are great, but they also cost a lot of money.

Investing in google adds and facebook adds also by twitter and go on, is important, but to start, you just need to show your work, your product, your information. let people know you’re here and that you have a great thing to share or sell. Show people that, what you have is great and likes will come at a natural way.

Maby i only have 47 now, i see it as yeah already 47.

25  of them liked my content, some off them bought already something and will buy again. They will share the good word and i will sell more. 47 likes are gold, others have 1000 likes in a week and nobody hoe buy something, so myn are more as gold. So know, being small is good if you have GOOD likes, having 1000 and NO GOOD likes is not so good. Because only people hoe really like your stuff are costumers now and in the future. Real costumers don t care about how many likes you have, they care about what they get.

They get a lot of attention and good work from me 🙂 THEY KNOW

security comes first

Security for WP

As a startend WP user i have much to learn. Until now i coded my sites just with web languages.

I love WP, but because is open source, many people try to hack every WP site. Still i love it and so by that i learned how to secure my WP site. There are plenty options for that, but you have to know what is best. Learning what is best can only by studying it.

The past days i learned a lot. Still i hate the people hoe try to doe harm to users, that never did anything wrong. But yeah i know , hacking is a hobby and sport for some people. So the biggest problem is, i have no time to write more information, because i have to make everything save, again and again. But i think, i got it reasonably safe now, we see, i will stay sharp.

Later i will tell you all about the plugins and the security services i use, but for now i stay working on the design, the security and the SEO.


Soon this site will launch

Soon this site will  launch to be complet

As you can see, there is a lot of work to doe.  Soon you will find here a lot of information, tips and tools.

But before that, i have to complete the design and the SEO. A wordpress site is easy to set up, but if you want a great word press site, then you have to work on that. Also it is important that you can find this site easily, so that is a bunch of work also. But the good news is, once i m ready i will tell you all about it, so that you have less work to get found and loved.

What can you expect further?

As i sayed information, tools and tips. I will make a free course, keep you informed with blog posts, making free and paid graphics and show you the way to get big in a lot of ways. I tell you where to start, how to go further and further and further. Also i will give you tools that make things easier and a lot off tips off great importance you never would know, without me.

Also i build a facebook page, there you already find a lot of my graphics and tips. Please like my page and keep informed about the launch.