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Create your own Facebook Group | facebook group

What is a Facebook Group?

A facebook group is an online place at facebook, there people with the same interests can come together without traveling. This groups can be open, closed or secret.

The 3 different levels of group privacy

  1. Open – Everyone on Facebook can view the group and join.
  2. Closed – Everyone on Facebook can view the group, but anyone who asks to join must be approved by an administrator. Only group members can view the content within the group.
  3. Secret – No one can see the group apart from members, access to the group is via invitation only.

Other as with a facebook page, every member in the group can post something. They can discuss together and talk about their experiences. They also can learn new ways for their purpose from the other members and the admin of course.

Why would I want to create a facebook group?

The admin can remove unwanted posts and can post also. As admin you can stick your most important post at the top. That’s handy because the thing you want to promote will always be on the top and seen by all members. So having an own group gives a lot of ways to promote your products for free. You also can get new customers, because new people will come into the group through your members, if they like the group. Customers you would other never reached. Groups are really great for free facebook promotion.

Hoe much work is having a facebook group?

You have to look every day at your group at least once, more is better. In begin you can make rules about what you don’t want to see in your group, but there are always some naughty people hoe go against the rules. You have to delete wrong post, looking out for people hoe spam the group and invite people.

To make your group actief you have to be actief. Post comments, like some posts, give them ideas about what they interested in and don’t post only your advertisement, but also some stuff they could be interested in. Quotes are always loved, funny pictures, a video that fits in your group or just some personal things that makes you human and not only the admin or the one hoe promotes his products.

Tip: if you’re a member off another group doe the same, people will listen to you more and will see you as someone hoe knows there he is talking about.

You can make one of more of your members, one you really trust also admin. There is often someone in your group or in your life that loves to manage a group at the way you want it to be. So less work for you once everything goes well.

So create your own Facebook Group, have fun with it , love your members, because they doe the most work for you for free and you have another great way to get free online traffic and more sales.

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Promote your Facebook Page for Free | free facebook page promotion

There are a lot of ways for free facebook page promotion, learn how to promote your facebook page for free.

The first step therefore is to have relevant and interesting content. But how good your content may be, if nobody sees it, it’s worthless. But at the other way if you promote it without good content, it’s bad also. That’s because they maby see your page, but they will not like it. There is nothing to like then. How to make great content i will tell you in another post, for now we’re going for the free facebook page promotion.

Another important thing is, that you have to post on a regular basis. At least once a week, but once a day is much better. Once you have some followers, they will see your posts in the timeline and if they like them, also their friends will see them. Then it can happen, that their friends like them too and later the friends of the friends and go so on. At this way you get natural more fans and free facebook promotion.

Not alone for facebook, but also for all your marketing, is a good e-mail signature important. Put in every mail you write or answer too your important links and informations. Most e-mail programs have the option to have a standard signature. Also put in all your newsletters your link to your fanpage. You see, this is another nice way to promote your facebook page for free.

Even your facebook fan page is not your personal page, you still can write comments to other pages and post with your fan page name. You even can share content under the name of your facebook page. Like other relevant pages with that name, comment on them and share good posts with them. But never spam or try to promote your facebook page at this way. The important thing is that you give very good comments and advice . Ask questions or answer other people questions to let see that you are somebody with knowledge. If you like others posts, sometimes people want to know hoe you’re and then there is a big possibility, that they go to your page and you have again free facebook page promotion.

Share your facebook page with other social medias. Share it on twitter if you have a great post, at pinterest if you have outstanding pictures etc and this works in a two way street, share your other social media in your facebook f you posted there something that you think it is interesting for your fans. All your social media is a handy network to give more value to your facebook page.

Make a blog, if you don’t already have one. There a a lot of free blogs to make, but a paid blog gives more possibilities. Share your blog posts at your facebook page for great content and invite other to like your page through your blog. At blogs you can mostly have a share button, but you can also put a facebook box in there. How to doe that and more about blogs, you will read in an other post of me. But believe me, a blog is an outstanding way to promote your facebook page for free.

Dale Scoresby has made a great video about promoting your facebook page for free with groups. Enjoy it.

If you also have great tips for free facebook page promotion, i would love it, if you put them in the comments.

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