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To reach your audience, your clients or buyers you have to make content. First question will be what is content and how do i create that. I and my guest teachers will answer all your questions here. If you still have questions, ask them in the comments please, i will answer as soon as possible.

Content can be a written text on your website, in article sites, in your emails or on social media , but it also can be pictures, as quote pictures, an audio or video. Without content the world can not see or hear what you have to offer. You never can have too much content, but you can have too less content. To find  a good marketing strategy with your content, you first have to create some. For sure in a blog but also on al other places is content king. Search engine as google, bing etc can find you through your content and send visitors to your site. The visitors become to know what you can do for them, through your content and they can learn to trust you, because they see or hear you often and because they like your content.

If you make daily content, say 5 days  a week, you will have a lot to show at the end of the year and for sure until that time you will be found and trusted. Listen to the two expert guest teachers here, that already have a lot of content and success. Through the years they build an excellent reputation by making daily content and became very famous and rich.

Your Content Marketing Strategy For Blogging
Your Content Marketing Strategy For Blogging
Guest Teacher – MP3 Lesson – Time: 39;45

Daily Content How and Why
How to Create Expert-Level Content
Expert Daily Content Why and How
Guest Teacher – MP3 Lesson – Time: 58:20

Bonus PDF
The 10×10 matrix PDF to learn to make a plan

10×10 Matrix.pdf

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