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Security for WP

As a startend WP user i have much to learn. Until now i coded my sites just with web languages.

I love WP, but because is open source, many people try to hack every WP site. Still i love it and so by that i learned how to secure my WP site. There are plenty options for that, but you have to know what is best. Learning what is best can only by studying it.

The past days i learned a lot. Still i hate the people hoe try to doe harm to users, that never did anything wrong. But yeah i know , hacking is a hobby and sport for some people. So the biggest problem is, i have no time to write more information, because i have to make everything save, again and again. But i think, i got it reasonably safe now, we see, i will stay sharp.

Later i will tell you all about the plugins and the security services i use, but for now i stay working on the design, the security and the SEO.

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